I Heart Africa Project Book Reviews

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It’s a shock for me too but back in 2017, Nikki Lockwood asked me if I would like to be interviewed on a book she is doing on Africa stories called I Heart Africa Project and I responded, “I haven’t traveled Africa but I do explore small towns”.

By then I was only 2 years into doing small town travels so it was nuts to think someone wanted my story in a book. There was a time I had actually forgotten about the interview until last year, Nikki sent me the first draft. Still, it never sunk in that the travels I do with my husband would truly interest people that it deserves a place amongst other amazing people who truly explores Africa.

By then I had traveled to 83 towns in the Western Cape alone since we last spoke. It was last week that I received the electronic version of the over 500 page book that I was dumb struck that I’m in an actual book. It’s a beautiful compilation of fascinating tales, extraordinary work of hero’s who work in captivating industries and, of peoples travels around Africa.

It’s a true representation of Africa. It’s peoples stories that entice you to explore more of Africa, do more in Africa and, just live in Africa.

I’m still pinching myself! What a moment.

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