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“With more than fifteen years of experience in the guiding and hospitality industries, I will assist you with not only planning and conceptualising your dream safari but also personally guiding you throughout the itinerary to ensure that your African nature experience is about you. Whether your focus is on wildlife photography or you are more interested in an interpretive nature experience I will add a fun, professional, and unique dimension to your safari. My aim is to change the way my clients see the world and on a private guided safari you can be assured that this is the case.”

Gerry Van Der Walt, Wild-Eye 

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“To us, a safari is the very essence of experiencing something new, whilst satisfying our innate curiosity about the faraway lands that bring us even closer to nature. They’re a surreal celebration of the natural world and the best holistic way for people to witness wildlife in their natural habitats without compromising the environment or its animals. As true nature and safari enthusiasts, we take great care to infuse adventure and every detail in equal measures.”

Mike Sutherland, Co-Founder of Escape Safari Co.

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“I have been a worldwide photo tour leader for Oryx for a number of years. I have taken guests to Antarctica, India, and various East and Southern African destinations, as well as to remote destinations such as Kamchatka in Russia Far East. With my extensive travels and guiding experiences, and knowledge of wildlife as well as photography, I am an attentive Photo Tour Leader and will ensure that you experience a deeper connection with the area and wildlife you travel to and photograph.”

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“As a Pan-African Specialist Guide, I am in the privileged position to capture spectacular wildlife sightings from around Africa.  I would love to show you how amazing this continent is by sharing these photographs, sightings and experiences with you, or better yet, why don’t I show you personally.”

Warren Pearson.

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“To inspire everyone we reach to step outside of their comfort zones, into the crisp fresh air, and embrace life through personal change, by influencing others, and by positively contributing to conservation and sustainable living.”

Shane Ross, Shane Ross Photo & RAW Worldwide.

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“I got into private guiding for the purpose of taking others on these unforgettable adventures. My goal was not to simply connect the dots of destination and route but to connect you to Africa’s limitless space and stretch the aperture of your mind and soul with her internal mystery and wildness”

Andrew Danckwerts, Freelance Safari Guide.

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Listen here to Andrew talking about his trip to Ethiopia.


“After being in the concrete jungle for so long, a trip to Africa is like being born again. You will feel alive for the first time in a long time. It will awaken something deep inside you, something that you forgot about a long time ago. So, let’s go, join me on an adventure, and come alive.” 

Jonty Bozas, Freelance Safari Guide at Wild Wonderful World.

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“Adventure travel in Africa is a sleeping giant, and we have a responsibility to protect our environment before it starts to wake up. Whether you’re looking for an extraordinary adventure off the beaten track, a chance to meet the people of the oldest inhabited territory on Earth, or a relaxing family escape on the beach or in the bush, TribalTourist has the local knowledge to help you find your next unique adventure in Africa. The absolute freedom, confidence, and clarity of mind that comes with spending time in the wildest reaches of Africa is a transformative experience that only members of the tribe can relate to.”

Matt Kearns, Tribal Tourist 

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“I will continue to empower women around the globe. Wanderlust has a life of its own now, and it holds all my life’s passions and purpose in one. As much as I love Africa, there will be more mountains for Wanderlust. When it first began, I had a dream one night and I saw three mountains all connected. These are the three mountains on my logo – the three peaks: Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and the Himalayas.
Wanderlust is about climbing mountains and connecting cultures, people, and places, all while supporting local community projects. I’m committed to the projects I have started in Africa, and this keeps me coming back. Plus, there is always something new to do in Africa…it’s like nowhere else on earth.”

Cate Butcher, Founder of Wanderlust Women’s Adventures 

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Check out this short video taken on Mount Kilimanjaro (Full moon summit) during Wanderlust’s International Women’s Day Trek on March 8, 2020.


“For the past thirty years I have guided safaris all over Africa, and in 2002 was rated by Conde Nast as one of Africa’s top ten guides. I started out doing what I call, private naturalist-guided trips, where I would go anywhere in Africa with clients as their host, and it gave me the opportunity to have been in most ecosystems across Africa that have substantial wildlife, including places that don’t take a lot of tourists, and some of those adventures have been spectacular. I now offer conservation safari experiences, where you will be able to interact with vets, scientists, and conservationists who do this day in and day out, and get out in the field, on the front line of conservation. From watching and helping as a giraffe is captured for translocation or tagging, touching an elephant as a team attaches a collar to it, or riding in a helicopter and watching as a rhino is darted for microchipping or dehorning. These are just a few examples of a wide variety of conservation experiences you can have with me.”

Ivan Carter, Private Conservation Safari and Experience Guide.

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After my second trip to Africa in 2013, where I went to Kenya for the first time, I realised people from all over the world were running scheduled tours around Africa, and it was then I decided what I wanted to do. What I do is hire some of the best drivers/guides in each country and go along as the tour leader. My main role is organising each tour and handling the bookings. However, I’m on each tour from beginning to end with all our drivers and guides.”

Brady Mountford, Founder Brady’s Wildlife Adventures.


“We are a Tanzanian registered tour company based in Moshi, committed to social responsibility by investing in local communities and providing employment and training to Tanzanians. The company directors are professionals in tourism environmental management volunteering and planning. We come with many years of experience in climbing and leading Safaris. Our ambition is to work as a team of professionals to bring all our clients an experience of a lifetime.
Each time I reach the summit at the breaking of a new dawn, as the first rays of sunlight appear, I feel reborn. There is an energy so pure and true when I stand there, looking out over Africa from its highest peak.”

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