I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #6: Ivan Carter (Part One)

Ivan Carter has been guiding safaris all over Africa for the past 30 years. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, the importance of conservation and wildlife was instilled in Ivan from a very young age as he was able to enjoy the wild places on his doorstep. He was the youngest person ever to receive his professional guiding in Zimbabwe.
The host of the Carters War, which is the untold story of Ivan’s quest to save Africa, the worlds most wild continent.
He is a renowned wildlife expert; conservationist; television show host; wildlife photographer; among many other hats he wears. He was rated as one of Africa’s top 10 guides by Conde Nast.
Ivan is a hunter who is now a full-time conservationist. Ivan now spends his time exploring new approaches and finding sustainable solutions to help bring about healthy and balanced ecosystems. He once said, “Africa is not a place of darkness, and while the internet and news revel in tales of doom and despair; I see many rays of light and hope, and it is upon those that, I am betting.”
It is an absolute honor to connect with Ivan. He is truly a man of Africa, and is elbows deep, right in there, in the thick of it, doing the hard work in the field for conserving Africa’s wild places and all those that live within it, the entire and vast array of ecosystems.

The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance: https://ivancarterwca.org/
CARTER’S W.A.R. https://carterswar.com/

Ivan Carter’s Children in Conservation:

Check out Ivan doing what he loves most:

Copyright Ivan Carter
Copyright Ivan Carter

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