I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #7: Shane Ross

Busting Myths and Misconceptions of traveling in Southern and East Africa

Shane Ross is an avid African traveler, who first stepped foot on the continent with a one-way ticket in 2015. He spent time outside of Cape Town where he underwent guide training, then took to traveling solo around Africa for two years, for the most part, in little red, a bright red, Suzuki Samurai.
It was during this time he began building a formidable wildlife photography portfolio, as well as undergoing guide training near Cape Town, in South Africa. Combining his love of the outdoors, his ecological and environmental management background, an extensive travel history, an adventurous spirit, and love of Africa and all it encompasses – to found Raw World Wide, he began guiding small groups of people from all over the world on safari adventures in Southern & East Africa.
But Shane actually grew up in Cape York, in the far northern part of Queensland, Australia. This is where his love of the outdoors, and exploration began. And this is what makes this podcast episode very special, because you have a Kiwi and an Aussie, talking about the myths and misconceptions around travelling in Africa, or what is referred to as the dark continent, due to the media’s portrayal of Africa.
Shane is such an incredible person, with a vibrant and inspiring energy.
For those who have travelled to Africa, you will know how life changing the experience can be. But for those that haven’t been, it can be hard to understand what it is really like, thanks to the many misconceptions filtered, in great thanks mostly to the media’s portrayal of the dark continent.
There is a rawness to Africa, and that to me, is what makes it the most incredible continent on Earth.

Learn more about Shane Ross:

Check out some photos from Shane’s time in Africa:

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