My Proudest Accomplishment as an Author…

I am so very excited to announce that the I Heart Africa Project book was released on March 10, 2022. The responses I am getting from those who have read it already are amazing. The book is taking readers on multiple journeys throughout Africa that have truly opened their eyes, inspired them, and shed a light on Africa that many people would not have seen outside of the negative press Africa gets in the Western world. I am so proud of bringing this book to life, and it was all made possible by the incredible individuals that I interviewed, and that shared their stories.

The book is available on Amazon (all territories) in KindlePaperback & Hardback editions.

Meet Africa, a vast and beautiful continent. Africa is the heart of the world, the cradle of life, a continent teeming with breath-taking landscapes, cultures, histories, wildlife, adversities, and people. Where tradition and culture converge and are deeply threaded throughout modern-day Africa.

In the pages of I Heart Africa Project meet the incredible individuals whose souls have been touched by Africa: from residents, wildlife heroes, conservationists, documentary hosts, photographers, rangers, veterinarians, wildlife ecologists, guides, tourists, and many more, who all share their experiences, journeys, and love of the Dark Continent.

Filled with authentic stories and stunning photographs, I Heart Africa Project offers advice from those who have journeyed across these ancient lands, enlightens you as to the efforts and struggles of conservation, and sheds light on the warmth, beauty, and incredible experiences one can possibly have in Africa.


Book Release: I Heart Africa Project book

As of March 10, a book I have been working on for the last five years finally left my desk and entered the public domain for readers and travellers alike. Over the last five years I have interviewed over fifty people – all carefully selected by myself, who are from all around the world, and who either live, work, or travel on the African continent.
Now, when I say that these people are incredible human beings – that is a HUGE understatement. At the time when I started this project, my goal was for people to hear about the good being done in Africa and the beauty to be found and experienced there (despite its bad rep). Personally, it was a time in my life when I had no faith in humanity, or that there were good people left on this planet. However, over the course of this project, these individuals not only restored my faith in humanity but completely inspired and motivated me. They filled me with joy and untouchable happiness and contentment that is beyond anyone’s capability to burst. They truly are the most incredible human beings I know – period!
Within the pages of this book, you hear about their stories, adventures, and their love of Africa.
I will not spoil the details of the book, but there are conservationists, ecologists, herpetologists, travellers, wildlife photographers, rangers, guides, anti-poaching team members, Maasai and Chaga tribe members, tour leaders, residents, tourists, leaders in their industries, ethnoecologists, film producers, television hosts, veterinarians, carnivore ecologists, the owner of the largest rhino orphanage in the world, a US Green Beret, a member of Nitro Circus, volunteers.

Their stories have truly captivated my spirit and continue to inspire and amaze me, the more I learn about them (yes, even after the book was completed). I am just so truly grateful and humbled to be allowed the honour of sharing their stories with the world.

The book is on sale now on AMAZON. There are Kindle, Paperback Standard Colour, Paperback Premium Colour, and Hardback Editions of the book available for purchase.
Help me, help them, by supporting their stories, and sharing them with the world.

For now, happy reading, and much love to you all.

Nikki xxx

Link to Hardback and Premium Colour Edition above. Kindle and Standard Colour Edition link below.

It’s finally here… the book is coming out March 10.

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #7: Shane Ross

Busting Myths and Misconceptions of traveling in Southern and East Africa

Shane Ross is an avid African traveler, who first stepped foot on the continent with a one-way ticket in 2015. He spent time outside of Cape Town where he underwent guide training, then took to traveling solo around Africa for two years, for the most part, in little red, a bright red, Suzuki Samurai.
It was during this time he began building a formidable wildlife photography portfolio, as well as undergoing guide training near Cape Town, in South Africa. Combining his love of the outdoors, his ecological and environmental management background, an extensive travel history, an adventurous spirit, and love of Africa and all it encompasses – to found Raw World Wide, he began guiding small groups of people from all over the world on safari adventures in Southern & East Africa.
But Shane actually grew up in Cape York, in the far northern part of Queensland, Australia. This is where his love of the outdoors, and exploration began. And this is what makes this podcast episode very special, because you have a Kiwi and an Aussie, talking about the myths and misconceptions around travelling in Africa, or what is referred to as the dark continent, due to the media’s portrayal of Africa.
Shane is such an incredible person, with a vibrant and inspiring energy.
For those who have travelled to Africa, you will know how life changing the experience can be. But for those that haven’t been, it can be hard to understand what it is really like, thanks to the many misconceptions filtered, in great thanks mostly to the media’s portrayal of the dark continent.
There is a rawness to Africa, and that to me, is what makes it the most incredible continent on Earth.

Learn more about Shane Ross:

Check out some photos from Shane’s time in Africa:

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #3: Gerry van der Walt

Gerry van der Walt is the Co-Founder of Wild Eye, a private & photographic safari company based in South Africa. He has more than fifteen-years’ experience as a field guide and lodge manager and is an expert wildlife photographer. Combine all this, plus his love of Africa; his expertise and knowledge of Africa: its landscapes, weather, wildlife, and people; expertise and knowledge in photography; and his sense of humour, that makes him a truly incredible individual. Follow us as we share the love of Africa through the stories and experiences by those people who love Africa.

Learn more about Gerry:
Website: http://www.gerryvanderwalt.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gerryvdwalt/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gerryvanderwalt
iTunes: http://bit.ly/GerryWildlifePhotography
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gerryvanderwalt/

Meet Gerry:

Maasai Heart

An excerpt from the interview with Stephanie Fuchs

Stephanie Fuchs, originally from Germany, first stepped foot on the African continent in 2008, when her dissertation led her to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe to study local elephant populations. Though, her love affair with Africa, had started well before she landed. Since she was a little girl, she could remember having a deep love for animals and nature, and always dreamed of one day seeing the beautiful wildlife with her own two eyes before they became extinct.
It was this very passion that led her to study biology and conservation and eventually Africa. In 2010, after finishing her degree in Bath, England, she returned to Africa, and volunteered in Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Here she helped survey large mammal movements, as well as working with local conservation and anti-poaching efforts.
After a year at Selous, Stephanie headed to Mafia Island, where on the first day, unbeknown to her, she met her future husband.
If you were to ask her about the moment she fell in love with Africa, she is quick to say that it is the beauty of Africa, with its rawness, its people and its diversity.

“I was fascinated and in awe of the continent and its people, pretty much at first contact.”

She recalls a day when she was working with a game ranger on a lion conservation project in Zimbabwe. As he was driving her back to her residence, the driver also gave all the local workers a ride to where they lived.

“It was an exhilarating and eye-opening moment, driving through the African bush late at night, and then ending up at the homes of the local workers.”

She knew right there and then that she wanted to know more, she had to talk to them – hear their side of the story, what made them tick.
Once she had completed her three months volunteer work on Mafia Island, she had formed a deep connection with her new Maasai boyfriend, and so the decision to stay in Tanzania was an easy one. Africa makes her feel alive every single day, and question things she have always taken for granted.
She has truly found her happy place, deep in Tanzania, in the Maasai Steppe, with her Maasai warrior husband and young son. Africa is her life, her love, her heart, and her soul. It means everything to her, and she knows that of all the places to live in the world, she couldn’t imagine herself living anywhere else.

“You will see things more beautiful than you could have ever imagined, and it will make you see everything – yourself, your life, and the world – in a completely different light. Africa welcomes you with open arms, no matter where you are from or what you have done, it only judges you by the quality of your soul and not by what you wear or how you speak.”

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #6: Ivan Carter (Part One)

Ivan Carter has been guiding safaris all over Africa for the past 30 years. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, the importance of conservation and wildlife was instilled in Ivan from a very young age as he was able to enjoy the wild places on his doorstep. He was the youngest person ever to receive his professional guiding in Zimbabwe.
The host of the Carters War, which is the untold story of Ivan’s quest to save Africa, the worlds most wild continent.
He is a renowned wildlife expert; conservationist; television show host; wildlife photographer; among many other hats he wears. He was rated as one of Africa’s top 10 guides by Conde Nast.
Ivan is a hunter who is now a full-time conservationist. Ivan now spends his time exploring new approaches and finding sustainable solutions to help bring about healthy and balanced ecosystems. He once said, “Africa is not a place of darkness, and while the internet and news revel in tales of doom and despair; I see many rays of light and hope, and it is upon those that, I am betting.”
It is an absolute honor to connect with Ivan. He is truly a man of Africa, and is elbows deep, right in there, in the thick of it, doing the hard work in the field for conserving Africa’s wild places and all those that live within it, the entire and vast array of ecosystems.

The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance: https://ivancarterwca.org/
CARTER’S W.A.R. https://carterswar.com/

Ivan Carter’s Children in Conservation:

Check out Ivan doing what he loves most:

Copyright Ivan Carter
Copyright Ivan Carter

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #5: Dr. Evan Antin

Dr. Evan Antin is a renowned Californian Veterinarian who has traveled the globe working with all manners of wildlife, big and small. Right from an early age, Evan knew animals would be a large part of his life and has a profound love for the most irrationally feared creatures such as snakes, crocodiles, rats, and sharks.
The host of Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet, which hit our television screens in February 2019, he used his expertise and knowledge to help spread the importance of wildlife conservation and awareness.

Learn more about Dr. Evan Antin:

Here are some photos from Evan doing what he loves most:

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #4: Donald Schultz

Donald Schultz is a renowned snake expert, herpetologist, animal expert, writer, South African filmmaker, and adrenaline junkie. Along with starting Snake Pharm ZA – a not-for-profit research organisation, to continue his research in anti-venom, he has also travelled extensively either filming or conducting research. Combine his knowledge, and experience with his love for Africa, and that makes him a truly fascinating individual.

Learn more about Donald and Snake Pharm ZA:

Meet Donald:

I Heart Africa Project Podcast – Episode #2: Bob and Monika Vincent

Bob, also known as Jerseybob, and Monika, are avid travelers and adventurers. Monika, originally from South Africa, and Bob, originally from the United Kingdom, currently live in New Zealand, where they own a raw food deli. It is their love of music, along with strong family ties to South Africa and Namibia, that sees them return to the continent of Africa to enjoy the beauty and share their music. With an amazing sense of humor, hear as they talk of their love for Africa, and tell stories from their travels within the continent. There is a special magic, a vibe to these amazing people.